Fire Victims

Fire Damage Restoration and Victim Assistance Services

If you are a victim of fire or other disaster call (708) 389-3889, Cook County Board-Up is best-trained emergency responders, and our local professionals will be dispatched immediately.

Making smart decisions today can provide relief for months to come. Call Cook County Board-Up which is trusted by more fire departments and insurance claims professionals than any other company. Firefighters and insurance claim professionals (708) 389-3889 local service partners to protect fire victims.

After the disaster

When disaster strikes, lives are suddenly turned upside down. Often, the hardest part is just knowing where to begin and who to contact for help. It is natural and normal to feel overwhelmed by all that has happened and the anticipation of what will follow. The key is to remain calm, ask smart questions and use common sense as you begin the recovery process.

By taking advantage of their skills and expertise, you are better able to take control of your situation and start putting your life back together. They will prepare you and help you answer many of the questions you have right now and some questions that may have not yet come to mind.

Soon this will all be just a memory. But the well-thought-out decisions that you make today and throughout this recovery process will determine the success of your family’s recovery. The opinions of the writers contained in this guide are intended to help disaster victims. We encourage you to become better informed about your rights and responsibilities by asking questions of your insurance agent, adjuster, and professional restorer.

Recovery from a fire, storm or another disaster can be physically and emotionally exhausting. It can be disorienting to some and devastating to others. When such a disastrous event occurs, victims’ lives can suddenly be turned upside down. Many victims feel distraught, lost, confused and helpless. The first steps to recovery are based on gaining one’s sense of control over the immediate situation. This process often begins with small steps.

Protect your home from further damage

Exposing your home to the elements increases repair costs and lengthens the time it takes to restore your family’s life back to normal. Protect your home within one hour with Cook County Board-up.

Fire damaged buildings are very dangerous – Be safe

As tempting as it is, do not reenter your property unless your building has been inspected, and you have been advised by a firefighter, building official or structural stabilization professional that it is okay to enter. “OK TO ENTER” DOES NOT MEAN SAFE TO ENTER. Even after a damaged building has been cleared, it is still a very dangerous environment that requires your careful attention. The building may look safe yet be structurally unsound, depending on the damage to floors, roofs and load bearing walls. Fire can weaken floors and walls without being visually apparent. You can find yourself falling through a floor that appears perfectly sound, but has been destroyed underneath. Beware of protruding nails in flooring that can puncture your shoes and injure your feet.

If you do get the go-ahead to enter the property, wear the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment and go in with someone else, in case you fall or are injured. It is best to take along a professional who can recognize and point out hazards that you might not be aware of. Friends and neighbors may be curious what it looks like inside. To limit injury and your legal liability, do not allow friends and neighbors to enter an unsafe site unless it is necessary. Although children are curious and will want to come on the site NEVER ALLOW CHILDREN IN THE BUILDING OR ON THE SITE, it is a very dangerous environment.

Electrocution hazards are always an issue if the electrical service has not been disconnected. Electricity can be conducted through wet walls, flooring and appliances creating an electrocution hazard. Because of the presence of plastics and other synthetic materials in a structural fire, there is often hazardous residual particulate matter in the air after a fire, and breathing airborne particulates can be harmful. It is advised to use adequate Personal Protection Equipment such as a simple filtration mask in such an environment.

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